Build a Better You In 2022

The holidays can be a wonderful time spent with family and friends – it’s also the time of year where overindulgence and unhealthy eating are commonplace. You’re not alone! 

Start the new year off with creating a healthier you: Jugo Wellness is specifically designed to cleanse your system and provide the best ingredients jam-packed with nutrients for not only boosting your immune system, but resetting your body for a great start in 2022. 


Our Restore Plan consists of:

1 Day: 6 Juices

3 Day: 18 Juices

5 Day: 30 Juices


Our Detox & Restore Plan consists of:

1 Day: 6 Juices & Detox Tea

3 Day: 18 Juices & Detox Tea

5 Day: 30 Juices & Detox Tea 


These plans are designed for you to have 2 juices per meal and 10 ounces of Detox Tea in the morning and at night. 


Read all about the immune boosting properties of our cold-pressed juices here.

Learn about how our Detox Tea can help you lose 5 pounds in 5 days here


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