What's in your Jugo?

The key to making health taste amazing are fresh ingredients! We want to make sure you know exactly what goes into your favorite Jugo orders, so we are starting a blog series educating you on our favorite ingredients, the incredible health benefits, and our unique processes that make our products so Jugolicious! 

We’ll start with some of  our SuperFood Bowls bases: 


Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, delivers a delicious lightly sweet flavor packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. This delicious fruit grows as a flower on cacti, and blooms once every growing season.  It is perfect for the person looking for something a little sweet without all of the calories.


Blue Magic

Derived from unique spirulina extract, Blue Magic offers a protein, vitamin, and mineral rich base. Spirulina is highly known for its range of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. This SuperFood base has a slightly neutral taste that pairs well with our delicious toppings, especially with honey or agave drizzled on top. 


Our best-known base is made from pure Brazilian açaí berry providing an antioxidant rich tropical fruit profile that has a hint of chocolate bitterness. It’s natural sweetness will make for the perfect breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack!


These are just some of our nutrient packed SuperFood bases. Once you choose your base, add your fruit and superfood toppings, add a little honey, agave, or granola, you’ll have yourself the perfect healthy bowl!  

Visit our menu and start planning your next order today!

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