Why Do Trainers Love Jugo?

At Jugo, we proudly offer the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. Our goal is to make the most nutritious and delicious snacks for our Jugo fans, from the best of the health enthusiasts to the occasional fruit cravers, Jugo has something for everyone!

Don’t take it from us, we talked to certified personal trainer and F- 45 trainer Maddie Trawick for her thoughts on Jugo’s healthy products. As a trainer, Maddie keeps a busy schedule, waking up at 5 am and going straight to the gym for a workout or training session. What’s one of her favorite pre and post-workout snacks? One of Jugo’s juices! She loves the fact that they are cold-pressed, allowing her to retain more vitamins and enzymes, making them healthier than other juices. When asked if she would recommend Jugo products to her clients, she excitedly said “Definitely, they have a product for everyone! Jugo’s bowls are the perfect dense, yet nutritious snack, especially with the protein add-ons, that can revive anyone after an intense workout.” She also mentioned that her F- 45 clients love having Jugo’s Detox Tea at their sessions as a nutritious jump start to their fitness program. 

From fresh cold-pressed juices to refreshing detox tea, to jam-packed SuperFood Bowls, Jugo has the perfect healthy snack to get you through the day.

Come try Jugo’s deliciously nutritious products for yourself this weekend.

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